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Papa's Pilar's newest rum

Rum Journal: A New Limited Edition Rum From Papa’s Pilar

 This is a rum we like. Papa’s Pilar, the rum named after Hemingway’s fishing boat and partly owned by the Hemingway family, has a likable story and a decidedly likable taste. The latter led us to name the brand’s dark ... [ Read More ]


Rum Journal: A Very Rare, Very Old, Very Good Caribbean Rum

 There aren’t many rums like this. This is La Flibuste, the pride of the La Favorite distillery outside of Fort de France in Martinique. It is, simply, a special rhum agricole. Since 2007, La Favorite has been bottling 30-year-old single-year ... [ Read More ]


Rum Journal: Martinique’s J Bally Reserve de la Famille

 IT’S ONE OF the world’s most famous rum bottles: J Bally’s “pyramide,” the pyramid-shaped bottle containing the dark amber-coloured rhum agricole from Martinique. Of course, it’s also one of Martinique’s best rums, whether in the seven year or the twelve year ... [ Read More ]


Above: Habitation Saint-Etienne in Martinique

 You may not have heard of it. Indeed, beyond Martinique and the Metropole, it remains far under the radar. But there’s a rhum from Martinique that needs your immediate attention. Without a US distributor (yet), the work of Martinique’s terrific Habitation Saint-Etienne ... [ Read More ]

nevis cover

 The sound of the shaker. It’s something you don’t hear that often today, lost amid the noise and the bustle of most bars. But at the end of the night in the Caribbean, when the heat lessens, there are still ... [ Read More ]


 It’s an idea fit for Ernest Hemingway. Papa’s Pilar, the rum that bears the name of Ernest Hemingway’s famous fishing boat, has launched a new campaign to encourage ocean preservation. Timed with World Oceans Day and Hemingway’s birthday, the campaign ... [ Read More ]


 By Joshua Martinez Rum Journal Contributor Rum is best on its own. However, it’s no secret that rum also goes well with just about everything, from coke and lime to cream of coconut to certain iced teas… On a recent visit ... [ Read More ]


 Above: The Rabbit Hole (All photos by CJ) OCHO RIOS — “I’m sober.” It’s true at precisely that moment. Somewhat true. But the statement has no value for its veracity. It’s the password. Two gentlemen in fedoras and sunglasses wave ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the lobby bar at the Hostal Nicolas de Ovando in Santo Domingo (All photos by CJ) This bar isn’t very old. But the building is. It’s been aging for half a millennium, a place that was once home to ... [ Read More ]


 Almost any rum lover (or Hemingway enthusiast) will remember. It’s the rum that Ernest Hemingway drank in A Moveable Feast: Rhum St James. Papa himself orders the drink to warm up on a cold day in Paris. It’s something that led ... [ Read More ]


 Above: supermodel Chrissy Teigen in the new spot By the Caribbean Journal staff Captain Morgan Rum has its newest Captain: Chrissy Teigen. The supermodel is the star of the rum giant’s newest ad released this week. In the spot, Teigen ... [ Read More ]


 Above: Garvey’s Sunshine Shack in Anguilla (All photos by CJ) By Alexander Britell What makes a perfect beach bar? Is it the history? Is it the signature cocktail? The music? The sand? It’s usually a combination of all of these ... [ Read More ]


 By the Caribbean Journal staff The results from the 2015 RumXP awards are in, and one of the world’s leading rum award slates has some new winners. Leading the way were a host of top-level rums, from Peru’s Cartavio, which took ... [ Read More ]


 Above: Mauricio Vergara By the Caribbean Journal staff Bacardi Limited has named a new top rum executive. The company announced this week that it had appointed Mauricio Vergara as global category vice president of rums. In the role, Vergara will ... [ Read More ]


 By Jamie GangooRum Journal Contributor Rum shops have offered a lot — a haven for the broken-hearted, a podium for aspiring leaders, and a round table for discussions on current affairs and bacchanals (i.e. gossip). They are the place to ... [ Read More ]


 By Sarah Greaves-GabbadonCJ Travel Editor With this winter’s tundra-like temperatures (hopefully!) behind us, its time to celebrate spring. Puerto Rico’s El Conquistador Resort offers a novel way to toast to the season’s arrival with a refreshing coconut sangria, made, of ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the Admiral’s Inn in Antigua (All photos by CJ) By Alexander Britell ANTIGUA — Nelson drank here, they say. Almost certainly. And maybe he still does. And when you sit here, in what was once a store for pitch ... [ Read More ]


 It’s an obligatory test for any rum: how does it taste neat? But the neat test applies particularly well to flavoured rums: it’s the best way to really see what such a rum is made of — even if you’d never ... [ Read More ]