VIDEO: One of the Most Beautiful Places in Dominica

 It’s one of the most beautiful places in Dominica — Scotts Head, overlooking Soufriere Bay and the point where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean in the south of Dominica. It’s an ethereal place, with the tranquility of the ... [ Read More ]

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The 10 Most Exotic Places to Live in the Caribbean

 The Caribbean’s certainly exotic. But what you’re looking for a place that goes off-off the beaten path — the really exotic places, the ones with very few people and a lot of mystery? That’s where these little islands come in, some ... [ Read More ]


These are the Must-Visit Caribbean Islands for Spring 2015

 Some call it the shoulder season. We call it springtime. The “peak” tourism season in the Caribbean may be over, but not for Caribbean Journal readers, who love going to the Caribbean all-year round. That’s why we’ve selected some of ... [ Read More ]



 DON’T JUST visit the Caribbean this year. Experience it. Go outside of your comfort zone and find something new. That’s the advice of our Where to Travel list for 2015, featuring some of our favourite places in the Caribbean: some ... [ Read More ]


 WHETHER you’re looking for a table for Valentine’s Day in the Caribbean or simply seeking an enchanting evening out, we have you covered. The Caribbean is full of romantic eateries, from cliffside bistros to beachfront haute cuisine. Here are 11 ... [ Read More ]


 If you love the water like we do, then kayaking in the Caribbean Sea is a joy. There are some places that are a bit extra special for a paddle, from the glowing waters of Vieques to the rivers of ... [ Read More ]


 You may have been to one of these places. And of course, they have been discovered — in today’s world, it’s hard to hide anything. But most people haven’t discovered these far-off places in the Caribbean for themselves — the parts ... [ Read More ]