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Haiti’s Constitutional Crisis

 The constitution question By Ilio DurandisCJ Contributor How should Haiti proceed as the mandate of the current president comes to term on Feb. 7th and with no president-elect to assume power? Is the answer in the Haitian constitution, political consensus, through the ... [ Read More ]


Royal Caribbean Cancels Haiti Visit Due to Protests

 Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas cruise ship canceled its planned visit to the Haitian cruise port of Labadee this week, citing “political protests in the area.” The cruise line pointed to a video on Facebook that showed the ship ... [ Read More ]


Is Haitian Politics a Pyramid Scheme?

 The problem with politics in Haiti By Ilio DurandisCJ Contributor I have had some time to think and analyze Haitian politics, especially since the Fall of Duvalier. And one theme that keeps coming up is that of a pyramid scheme. ... [ Read More ]



 It’s been more than two months since Haiti held its first round of presidential elections on Oct. 25, and the country still has no president-elect. Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin, who got the most votes in the first round of ... [ Read More ]


 A 4.5-magnitude earthquake caused weak to light shaking in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, according to the United States Geological Survey. The quake, which occurred at around 11:25 AM local time, struck at a depth of 12 kilometres. Its epicentre ... [ Read More ]

Voting in the recent presidential elections (UN Photo)

 United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says he is “concerned” over the political situation in Haiti. In a statement this week, Ban said he was concerned about the “growing political uncertainty in Haiti, following the publication of the results of ... [ Read More ]

caracol industrial park

 More funding for final phase of project By Dana NilandCJ Contributor The Inter-American Development Bank has approved a $41 million grant for the fifth and final phase of the Caracol Industrial Park, which has become the main manufacturing hub in northern ... [ Read More ]

sean penn

 It’s no secret that Haiti’s forest cover has been decimated in recent years. But a new coalition is looking to reforest the country with an initiative called “Haiti Takes Root.” Spearheaded by Sean Penn and his J/P Haitian Relief Organization, ... [ Read More ]


 Haiti has its first major all-inclusive resort in decades. In what could provide a significant boost to the country’s inchoate tourism sector, the onetime Club Med property on Haiti’s Cote des Arcadins has been transformed into the new Royal Decameron ... [ Read More ]

haiti copa airlines

 Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin recently held a working meeting with officials from Panama-based Copa Airlines. The meeting this week focused on the potential increase of flights between Haiti and Panama and on the proposed creation of tourism packages in ... [ Read More ]


 By the Caribbean Journal staff In a major boost to Haiti’s burgeoning tourism sector, Marriott International has announced that its Autograph Collection is expanding to Haiti. The Habitation Jouissant boutique hotel in Cap Haitien will join the Autograph Collection in ... [ Read More ]

haiti cover

 By the Caribbean Journal staff A major new all-inclusive resort is opening soon in Haiti. The opening of the Royal Decameron could prove to be a major boost to Haiti’s nascent tourism sector. The property is slated to debut Dec. ... [ Read More ]


 Above: electoral materials arrive at Haiti’s airport (UN Photo/Srdan Slavkovic) By the Caribbean Journal staff Haiti held its first round of presidential elections on Sunday, although it will likely be some time before the leading vote-getters are announced. The country ... [ Read More ]

UN/MINUSTAH/Victoria Hazou

 By the Caribbean Journal staff The United Nations Security Council has voted to extend the mandate of the world body’s peacekeeping force in Haiti. The Security Council renewed the mandate for one year until Oct. 16, 2016 at force levels ... [ Read More ]


 Is Haiti’s political process moving forward? By the Caribbean Journal staff Haiti is taking “resolute” steps toward renewing its democratic institutions, according to MINUSTAH Chief Sandra Honore. The United Nations’ top official in Haiti pointed to the first-round elections in ... [ Read More ]

haiti eduation

 “Let’s raise a new generation of Haitians that is scientifically and technologically literate.” By Eric Rolex JosephOp-Ed Contributor Education is the best way for a country to reduce poverty, become competitive on the international stage and strengthen democracy and good ... [ Read More ]


 Penn, Hollande meet on initiative By Dana Niland CJ Contributor A major new climate initiative is coming to Haiti, led by Sean Penn and French officials. Representatives of the French and Haitian Governments including French President François Hollande met this ... [ Read More ]


 How can Haiti grow — and grow in a different way? By Dana NilandCJ Contributor A new report from the World Bank Group has outlined key opportunities and constraints to faster sustainable and inclusive growth in Haiti. The report cites the nation’s ... [ Read More ]