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Poll: Manatt Extradition Scandal Hurt Jamaica Labour Party

 According to a poll by RJR Group/Boxill, a majority of Jamaicans developed a less-favorable impression of Prime Minister Bruce Golding after he testified at the Manatt-Dudus Commission of Enquiry. More than half, or 53.7 percent, of 1,015 Jamaicans polled said ... [ Read More ]


Lightbourne: U.S. Didn’t Want to Listen

 Jamaican Justice Minister Dorothy Lightbourne took the stand in the high-profile Commission of Enquiry yesterday, and charged that the Christopher Coke affair could have been resolved far earlier if not for the approach of the United States. “I think that ... [ Read More ]

Justice Minister Dorothy Lightbourne

Lightbourne Set to Take Stand

 Justice Minister and Attorney General Dorothy Lightbourne is set to take the stand at the Manatt Commission of Enquiry today, Lightbourne will testify today if former Jamaica Labour Party general secretary, Karl Samuda, finishes his testimony in today’s session. Yesterday, ... [ Read More ]


Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding

 The man whose testimony may be the most important of any in the Jamaican Commission of Enquiry concerning the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips affair, Prime Minister Bruce Golding, is asking the commission to consider his “obligation to attend to the ... [ Read More ]