Cuban Cigars: This is the Film to Watch

 By the Caribbean Journal It’s one of the most sought-after luxury products in the world: the Cuban cigar. But due to the decades-long freeze between the United States and Cuba, cigars have remained a seductive mystery to millions. The recent rapprochement ... [ Read More ]


Without Embargo, Cuba Says It Could Sell $400M in Cigars to US Each Year

 Above: a Cohiba cigar By the Caribbean Journal staff Cuba could bringing $400 million from sales of cigars in the United States if the embargo were not in place, according to Jorge Luis Fernandez Maique, co-president of Habanos SA, which ... [ Read More ]


Rum Journal: A Haven for Rum (and Cigars) in the Bahamas

 Above: a roller at Graycliff (All photos by CJ) This edition of Rum Journal heads to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, for a voyage deep into the world of rum and cigars — two pleasures that frequently go hand in ... [ Read More ]