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Finding Home at St Thomas’ Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

 A hotel called home By Guy Britton ST THOMAS — You can feel it the moment you arrive. It’s about the guests. They’re all … so … happy. That’s because at the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, the hotel becomes more than ... [ Read More ]


A Very Cool Caribbean Yacht Club

 Exploring YCCS By Alexander Britell It isn’t really like any other yacht club in the Caribbean. But that’s because the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda’s roots aren’t in the Caribbean, but the Italian island of Sardinia. And this Virgin Gorda yacht ... [ Read More ]


At the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, A Different Level of Caribbean Hotel

 A remarkable Caribbean hotel By Alexander Britell GRAND CAYMAN — My fiancée told me to look at the ground. No, I hadn’t dropped anything. She was pointing to the carpet. Because the carpet – the carpets – at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman ... [ Read More ]



 Why you need to visit Fowl Cay By Sarah Greaves-GabbadonCJ Travel Editor As Caribbean resorts go, Fowl Cay is ne plus ultra. What better way to describe this 50-acre private-island resort where everything – and we mean everything – is ... [ Read More ]


 The word “affordable” means so many different things to so many different travelers. That’s why with our newest “Affordable Caribbean” list, we decided to start with a price point, making it as helpful as possible for CJ readers. While prices can ... [ Read More ]

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 The best-kept secret in the French Caribbean By Alexander Britell TERRE-DE-HAUT — It’s not hard to get here. But it’s hard enough. It’s a short, twice-daily ferry ride from the tall cliffs of Trois-Rivieres on Guadeloupe’s island of Basse-Terre. There ... [ Read More ]


 Exploring the Queen’s Gardens By Alexander Britell SABA — I don’t eat lobster very often. Sure, I like it. But when I go to a restaurant that seems good, I always feel that the way to see what the restaurant ... [ Read More ]


 In Saba, finding the Caribbean island of also  By Alexander Britell SABA – I’ve got a tab at Zanzi Bar. It’s the same Zanzi Bar it’s always been, except now it’s a new bar. A week ago, Luis, a native ... [ Read More ]

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 Searching for 007 at Half Moon, Jamaica By Alexander Britell MONTEGO BAY – This time there is a cigar, and there is rum.  The soft burn of a Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill and some Blackwell, a Jamaican rum with ... [ Read More ]


 By Alexander Britell What is the culinary capital of the Caribbean? Where is the Mecca of Caribbean food, the singular place that draws foodies and gourmands and adventurers? Where is the epicentre of great Caribbean chefs and great cooking? There ... [ Read More ]


 Above: lobster on the grill at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis By Alexander Britell NEVIS — There’s fresh lobster and there’s fresh lobster. The latter is the kind where you’re there when it happens — or you know the one ... [ Read More ]


 It may seem like a list of 50 beach bars is a lot. But when we finished compiling this momentous list, we weren’t even breathing hard. That’s because the Caribbean is the beach bar capital of Planet Earth, and we ... [ Read More ]


 The best Caribbean all-inclusive resorts. It’s a story you might see in other places. But what really makes an all-inclusive one of the Caribbean’s best? First, everything has to be included — that means the only resorts you’ll find here ... [ Read More ]


 Above: South Point in Antigua  By Sarah Greaves-GabbadonCJ Travel Editor If you travel often enough it’s bound to happen: You’re staying at one hotel (where you’re perfectly happy) but you visit another and know immediately that if you ever return ... [ Read More ]

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 We’ve alway said that Aruba has a lot of great hotels, and hotels to fit every size and vacation. With easy air access, fabulous beaches, and a diverse culture, it’s no wonder that Aruba is one of the Caribbean’s most ... [ Read More ]


 By Sarah Greaves-GabbadonCJ Travel Editor ANTIGUA — It’s as round, golden and shiny as the island sun I’ve left behind. Six inches in diameter it’s almost as big as my head, attracting stares and comments throughout my journey home to ... [ Read More ]


 You know Caribbean food. Or perhaps you think you do. But these Caribbean restaurants will change everything you think you know, with inspired, eminently creative expressions. These are some of the hottest restaurants in the Caribbean right now — foodie hot ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the Cooper Island Beach Club (All photos by CJ) By Alexander Britell COOPER ISLAND — It’s just before twilight and the sea is silver. There are barrels in the sand and a table in the water. On Cooper Island, ... [ Read More ]