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Above: the new Caribbean rum shop at Grantley Adams International Airport

There’s a Major New Caribbean Rum Shop at This Airport

 A big new rum portal By the Caribbean Journal staff There’s a major new rum shop in the Caribbean — and it’s inside an airport. The duty free area at Barbados’ Grantley International Airport has opened a new “Caribbean Rum ... [ Read More ]

Above: Habitation Saint-Etienne in Martinique

Rum Journal: Tasting Martinique’s Rhum HSE XO

 You may not have heard of it. Indeed, beyond Martinique and the Metropole, it remains far under the radar. But there’s a rhum from Martinique that needs your immediate attention. Without a US distributor (yet), the work of Martinique’s terrific Habitation Saint-Etienne ... [ Read More ]


Rum Journal: A Sweet Ti’ Punch in St Martin

 Another take on a Caribbean classic GRAND CASE — There is another way to make a Ti’ Punch, the simplest, purest, greatest cocktail in the West Indies. The usual way is with brown sugar, lime and rhum agricole blanc. Or, perhaps ... [ Read More ]



 It’s not like any all-inclusive bar in all of the Caribbean. It’s not really like any other bar, either. And that’s a very good thing. This is the Vintage Club Bar at the all-inclusive Gran Ventana Beach Resort in Puerto ... [ Read More ]


 We’ll be frank. When it comes to rums from Cruzan, we’re partial to Cruzan Single Barrel. It’s a delicate, robust rum that’s always among the region’s best. But Cruzan has long carved a sizable niche with its flavored rums, the ... [ Read More ]


 A Caribbean legend that began in 1765 is celebrated its 250th birthday this week with major festivities on the French island of Martinique. Rhum Saint James, the rum consumed by so many legends (including Ernest Hemingway), is one of the world’s great ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the Dillon distillery in Martinique (CJ Photo) Dillon is a storied name on the island of Martinique, a landmark French appellation in the heart of the French Caribbean. But upon deeper examination, it is not quite what it appears. ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the Hardy boutique in Tartane (all photos by CJ) THE RHUM of Tartane is not known much beyond Tartane. Nor, for that matter, is Tartane. This little seaside town on the Atlantic coast of Martinique has a tiny collection ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the lobby bar at the Hostal Nicolas de Ovando in Santo Domingo (All photos by CJ) This bar isn’t very old. But the building is. It’s been aging for half a millennium, a place that was once home to ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the lobby bar at the Sheraton Santo Domingo The lobby bar. At most hotels, it sets the tone for everything — it’s the first part of the hotel you notice. It welcomes you. It is the central meeting point. ... [ Read More ]


 Almost any rum lover (or Hemingway enthusiast) will remember. It’s the rum that Ernest Hemingway drank in A Moveable Feast: Rhum St James. Papa himself orders the drink to warm up on a cold day in Paris. It’s something that led ... [ Read More ]


 Above: supermodel Chrissy Teigen in the new spot By the Caribbean Journal staff Captain Morgan Rum has its newest Captain: Chrissy Teigen. The supermodel is the star of the rum giant’s newest ad released this week. In the spot, Teigen ... [ Read More ]


 Don Pancho. It’s more than a name. It is legend. Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez has had one of the rum industry’s storied careers, one that has taken him from Cuba, where he served as a Maestro Ronero for a decade, ... [ Read More ]


 It’s the world’s largest rum market: no, not the Caribbean. Actually, it’s India, where more rum is consumed each year than anywhere else in the world. Now, a company called Amrut is bringing the Indian rum sensibility to the Caribbean, ... [ Read More ]


 Above: Papa Zouk (all photos by CJ) By Alexander Britell ANTIGUA — A man excuses himself to offer a brand-new bottle of rum to the counter of the bar. But this is no ordinary bottle. It is an Appleton 21. ... [ Read More ]


 Above: a Ti’ Punch in Terre de Haut, Guadeloupe (All photos by CJ) By Alexander Britell No matter where you are in the West Indies, you will find rum punch. And it is almost always perfect, except when a few ... [ Read More ]


 IT’S LAST CALL at a far-off Bahamian bar. You ask again for the rum you’ve been drinking, but the bottle’s empty. The bartender reaches under the counter, pulling out a bottle, unmarked, unnamed. You’re the first to drink it tonight, ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the Rooftup Club at the O:live Boutique Hotel (All photos by CJ) Condado is hip, it’s energetic. It’s home to some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean, some of the best shopping. This is the Condado district of ... [ Read More ]