Jamaica’s Surplus Question

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What’s the right target? By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor THE primary surplus on the fiscal accounts can be defined as what is left to service debt after the government considers its revenues and expenditure on running the country. So wages, social programmes spending, and general spending on maintaining the country is taken out of revenues, and what is left is called more...

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How Tourism Saves Jamaica

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By David P Rowe Op-Ed Contributor During the recent Greek debt crisis, commentators have been referring to Jamaica as an example of another country with a huge debt burden. This is true — Jamaica’s gross public debt hovers higher than 120% of GDP, one of the highest rates of any country in the world. That means the country’s interest payments are now about more...

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Nigel Spence: A Lobster Roll Recipe Fit for a Caribbean Summer

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By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Bwoy, I hear seh Jamaica slowly a fret again! No sooner than dem get hit with the mosquito-borne disease Chik-V, which according to the song, "mek a bag a young people walk ole" is as quick as the powers that be identified another new strain passing through the Caribbean - ZIK-V - and it is alleged to have reached as far as the Dominican more...

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How the Caribbean Can Profit From Conservation

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(ALL INTERNAL RIGHTS) Seamoss farming in Union Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Photo credit: © Marjo Aho for The Nature Conservancy

By Sherry Constantine CJ Contributor This May, after a full day of interviews with local entrepreneurs, I relaxed with a spiced sea moss smoothie at a café located in the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area, Saint Lucia. We’ve been drinking sea moss in the Caribbean for decades, but the rest of the world is finally catching on. Rich in vitamins, more...

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Beyond Climate Change in the Caribbean

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By Ryan Peterson CJ Contributor No, we are not talking about climate change and the disruptive effects of increased temperatures, sea level rise, coastal erosion, ocean pollution and acidification, nor the loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, and the increased frequency of extreme weather events. We are not referring to the fact that only 20 percent of the more...

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Jamaica’s Productivity Problem

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By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor AFTER 12 previous IMF agreements, Jamaica is once again at a crossroads. We are once again at a place where we are having a debate about how much pain is being inflicted by the agreement, with some saying that we must stay on the path of fiscal reform and others saying we must renegotiate the agreement and allow for more fiscal space more...

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Human Rights on a Caribbean Island

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By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor This is what many highly educated and intelligent Jamaicans believe: Buju Banton was set-upon by wicked gays who engineered his lock-up by the USA. Even more of the less intelligent and less educated also believe this. They feel the “gays” were intent on punishing Buju for his ‘Boom Bye Bye’ lyrics, reportedly more...

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Reducing Vulnerability in the Caribbean

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By George Nicholson and Anastasia Ramjag Op-Ed Contributors The topic of vulnerability is one that has been on the agenda of the countries within the Greater Caribbean, and in particular those of the insular Caribbean for a long time. In the context of disaster risk reduction, vulnerability formally refers to "the characteristics of a person or group and the more...

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What Are Jamaica’s Options on Public-Sector Wages?

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jamaica wages

By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor ONCE again the public sector wage negotiation is the main topic of the day in Jamaica. This was also the case in 2004, when the first round of wage freezes was agreed. Then, just like today, I didn't see a public sector wage freeze as a long-term solution. In fact, the 2004 agreement never saw it as that either, as it proposed actions more...

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How Caribbean Youth Are Turning Digital Content Into a Business

June 1, 2015 | 12:19 pm | 0 Comment


By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor Role-Models are Essential When you talk with Caribbean youth about the possibilities and hope that working online offers, you have to give them real-life examples to hang their dreams on and help them to understand that it can be done and that others are doing it. So in my previous article on digital literacy, DuttyBerry and Wally more...

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