Op-Ed: Debt Relief for Climate Action

 By Kamalesh SharmaOp-Ed Contributor Global warming is emerging as one of the greatest injustices of our time. Small island states in the Pacific, for example, have done little to cause climate change, yet may soon disappear into a rising ocean.  ... [ Read More ]


What the Marriott-Starwood Deal Could Mean For Credit Card Users (And Travelers)

 What the merger means By Jason Steele This week hotel giant Marriott announced plans to acquire Starwood hotels, which includes Westin, Sheraton and several other big name hotels. While it had been known that Starwood was entertaining offers, it came ... [ Read More ]


The Future of The Caribbean’s Informal Shipping Sector

 What’s in store for small shippers? By George Nicholson and Nnyeka Prescod Op-Ed Contributors The face of global maritime trade has changed considerably over the past few decades. The dawn of containerisation in the mid-20th century, together with the recent ... [ Read More ]


Kingston, Jamaica

 Why the health sector saga is important By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor Jamaica’s recent health sector saga has brought to the fore the real need for accountability in the country. The fact is that this is not the first incident to highlight ... [ Read More ]


 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor Recently I did a presentation to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica (ICAJ) about whether the success of the economic programme would make Jamaica the place of choice to live. I posed this question: “If ... [ Read More ]

pork recipe

 By Nigel SpenceCJ Contributor It is said that China is the world’s largest pork consumer, housing about 476 million pigs, according to the Earth Policy Institute.  What I know is if they took stats for Jamaica alone, my Dad, I ... [ Read More ]


 By Kareem YardeOp-Ed Contributor “Graduates, go change your world!” That was final source of ignition which honorary graduate of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus Dr Pamela Coke Hamilton left with this year’s graduating class of the ... [ Read More ]


 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor One of the things we often forget is that development of a company or a country is primarily for the purpose of advancing the lives of people, and not just measuring numerical indicators. Although companies are ... [ Read More ]


 By George Nicholson and Anastasia RamjagOp-Ed Contributors This debate surrounding our climate has polarized the world into two different groups for a long time; some theorists maintain that an intrinsic characteristic of climate is that it changes while a large ... [ Read More ]


 The growth question By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor In my last article, I asked the question why is growth so elusive to Jamaica and identified some of the challenges that restrict our ability to grow. These are not new and have ... [ Read More ]

Above: a Caribbean sea turtle (Photo: Nancy Sefton)

 By Kemit-Amon Lewis CJ Contributor Nesting sea turtles at The Nature Conservancy’s Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands have been monitored since 1994 through beach patrols during nesting season, which occurs primarily in summer and ... [ Read More ]

haiti eduation

 “Let’s raise a new generation of Haitians that is scientifically and technologically literate.” By Eric Rolex JosephOp-Ed Contributor Education is the best way for a country to reduce poverty, become competitive on the international stage and strengthen democracy and good ... [ Read More ]


 Jamaica’s growth problem By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor SINCE the early 1970s, Jamaica has suffered from an anaemic growth rate of less than one per cent per annum. This despite many prescriptions and attempts by various governments, and promises by politicians, ... [ Read More ]

Artisan stalls in Dominica

 Crafting an impact By Julio Orozco and Amanda CharlesOp-Ed Contributors The Tourism industry has long been regarded as one of the primary vehicles contributing to the social and economic development of the countries of the Greater Caribbean. Tourism generates income, ... [ Read More ]


 A focus on health By Kenny MoiseOp-Ed Contributor Across the globe, the number of migrants has risen in the recent years. This phenomenon is exacerbated by the growing poverty in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and wars in others like Syria. ... [ Read More ]


 Engaging tourism talent By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor As we celebrate World Tourism Day this week, for many in the Caribbean, every day is tourism day. It is a truism that tourism is part and parcel of our Caribbean island realities. ... [ Read More ]


 And why it needs more prominence By Hugh Riley The emergence of the travel and tourism sector in the Caribbean coincided with a move away from complete reliance on agriculture as the primary money earner. The decline of bananas, sugar, ... [ Read More ]


 The right way to make Jamaican sailfish fritters By Nigel SpenceCJ Contributor Jamaicans have a saying: “Yu haffi tek bad tings mek joke…” but I never fully realized the concept until more recently in life when I found myself quoting ... [ Read More ]