Above: a LIAT plane

This is the Biggest Question Facing Caribbean Air Transport

 What kind of regional air transport system does the Caribbean want? By Kareem YardeOp-Ed Contributor It was proclaimed that the 2015 restructuring plan of regional carrier LIAT — announced by the major shareholding governments (Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua ... [ Read More ]


Transforming Caribbean Futures

 Innovation and the Caribbean future By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor With the search and surge of silicon beaches and start-ups across small island states of the Caribbean, the imperative for innovation is prominently featured in regional and national visions for economic ... [ Read More ]


Jamaica and the World

 Jamaica’s diplomatic future By David P RoweOp-Ed Contributor Now that Jamaica has benefitted from a Presidential visit by the United States’ Barack Obama, what is next for the country? And what should be next for Jamaica’s relationship with the rest ... [ Read More ]


Above: a portrait of a Kirtland’s warbler wintering on Eleuthera Island, Bahamas (Photo: Dave Currie)

 By Dave EwertCJ Contributor The Kirtland’s warbler, one of North America’s rarest songbirds, is very picky about where it calls home. It migrates a long distance to winter in The Bahamas every year after breeding each summer in young jack ... [ Read More ]

Above: Kingston, Jamaica

 Local and Global Trends By Marcia Forbes, PhDCJ Contributor As promised, here is another look at the proposed RJR/Gleaner merger. This announcement comes against the backdrop of a media landscape that is constantly evolving globally, regionally and locally. Media changes ... [ Read More ]


 Big challenges for small islands By George Nicholson and Anastasia RamjagOp-Ed Contributors The United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States defines small island developing states, or SIDS, ... [ Read More ]


  A new kind of independence? By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor ON August 6, 1962, Jamaica gained political independence, and many people watched the Jamaican flag raised while the Union Jack was lowered for the last time. This symbolised Jamaica’s new-found ... [ Read More ]


 Two media giants come together By Marcia Forbes, PhDCJ Contributor #RJRGleaner Media Merger Here we were on the day before Jamaica’s August 6th celebration of it 53rd Independence Day, learning about the proposed merger of two of Jamaica’s oldest and ... [ Read More ]


 By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor Consider going on an adventure towards a new destination in which you don’t trust the pilot, the flight attendant does not understand that you are thirsty, and she keeps telling you to put on your seatbelt ... [ Read More ]


 What’s the right target? By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor THE primary surplus on the fiscal accounts can be defined as what is left to service debt after the government considers its revenues and expenditure on running the country. So wages, ... [ Read More ]


 By David P RoweOp-Ed Contributor During the recent Greek debt crisis, commentators have been referring to Jamaica as an example of another country with a huge debt burden. This is true — Jamaica’s gross public debt hovers higher than 120% ... [ Read More ]


 By Nigel SpenceCJ Contributor Bwoy, I hear seh Jamaica slowly a fret again! No sooner than dem get hit with the mosquito-borne disease Chik-V, which according to the song, “mek a bag a young people walk ole” is as quick ... [ Read More ]

(ALL INTERNAL RIGHTS) Seamoss farming in Union Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Photo credit: © Marjo Aho for The Nature Conservancy

 By Sherry ConstantineCJ Contributor This May, after a full day of interviews with local entrepreneurs, I relaxed with a spiced sea moss smoothie at a café located in the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area, Saint Lucia. We’ve been drinking sea ... [ Read More ]


 By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor No, we are not talking about climate change and the disruptive effects of increased temperatures, sea level rise, coastal erosion, ocean pollution and acidification, nor the loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, and the increased frequency of ... [ Read More ]


 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor AFTER 12 previous IMF agreements, Jamaica is once again at a crossroads. We are once again at a place where we are having a debate about how much pain is being inflicted by the agreement, with ... [ Read More ]


 By Marcia Forbes, PhDCJ Contributor This is what many highly educated and intelligent Jamaicans believe: Buju Banton was set-upon by wicked gays who engineered his lock-up by the USA. Even more of the less intelligent and less educated also believe ... [ Read More ]


 By George Nicholson and Anastasia RamjagOp-Ed Contributors The topic of vulnerability is one that has been on the agenda of the countries within the Greater Caribbean, and in particular those of the insular Caribbean for a long time. In the context ... [ Read More ]

jamaica wages

 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor ONCE again the public sector wage negotiation is the main topic of the day in Jamaica. This was also the case in 2004, when the first round of wage freezes was agreed. Then, just like today, ... [ Read More ]