haiti eduation

Op-Ed: Education in Haiti

 “Let’s raise a new generation of Haitians that is scientifically and technologically literate.” By Eric Rolex JosephOp-Ed Contributor Education is the best way for a country to reduce poverty, become competitive on the international stage and strengthen democracy and good ... [ Read More ]


Why Has Growth Been So Elusive for Jamaica?

 Jamaica’s growth problem By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor SINCE the early 1970s, Jamaica has suffered from an anaemic growth rate of less than one per cent per annum. This despite many prescriptions and attempts by various governments, and promises by politicians, ... [ Read More ]

Artisan stalls in Dominica

What Artisans Mean to Caribbean Tourism

 Crafting an impact By Julio Orozco and Amanda CharlesOp-Ed Contributors The Tourism industry has long been regarded as one of the primary vehicles contributing to the social and economic development of the countries of the Greater Caribbean. Tourism generates income, ... [ Read More ]



 A focus on health By Kenny MoiseOp-Ed Contributor Across the globe, the number of migrants has risen in the recent years. This phenomenon is exacerbated by the growing poverty in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and wars in others like Syria. ... [ Read More ]


 Engaging tourism talent By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor As we celebrate World Tourism Day this week, for many in the Caribbean, every day is tourism day. It is a truism that tourism is part and parcel of our Caribbean island realities. ... [ Read More ]


 And why it needs more prominence By Hugh Riley The emergence of the travel and tourism sector in the Caribbean coincided with a move away from complete reliance on agriculture as the primary money earner. The decline of bananas, sugar, ... [ Read More ]


 The right way to make Jamaican sailfish fritters By Nigel SpenceCJ Contributor Jamaicans have a saying: “Yu haffi tek bad tings mek joke…” but I never fully realized the concept until more recently in life when I found myself quoting ... [ Read More ]


 Global financing and the Caribbean By George Nicholson and Rachael RobinsonOp-Ed Contributors The issue of global financing for development is a critical theme in the international development agenda with the most recent United Nations (UN) meeting being the Third International ... [ Read More ]


 A new approach By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor ‎”Sitting on a beach, suddenly I feel a breeze, staring at the horizon far across the seas. Storming ahead across the ocean, swiftly I bare my sails, steering clear from commotion” -LK It ... [ Read More ]


 A new look at regional logistics By George NicholsonOp-Ed Contributor Regional trade policy, whether internally or externally guided, has traditionally focussed on removing tariff and non-tariff barriers. This has long been espoused as the catalyst that would enhance regional trade ... [ Read More ]


  To the Motherland By Ilio DurandisCJ Contributor I am not sure where to begin, but I have this impulse inside of me that will not go away. My thoughts have been holding me hostage every time I think about ... [ Read More ]

Above: a LIAT plane

 What kind of regional air transport system does the Caribbean want? By Kareem YardeOp-Ed Contributor It was proclaimed that the 2015 restructuring plan of regional carrier LIAT — announced by the major shareholding governments (Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua ... [ Read More ]


 Innovation and the Caribbean future By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor With the search and surge of silicon beaches and start-ups across small island states of the Caribbean, the imperative for innovation is prominently featured in regional and national visions for economic ... [ Read More ]


 Jamaica’s diplomatic future By David P RoweOp-Ed Contributor Now that Jamaica has benefitted from a Presidential visit by the United States’ Barack Obama, what is next for the country? And what should be next for Jamaica’s relationship with the rest ... [ Read More ]

Above: a portrait of a Kirtland’s warbler wintering on Eleuthera Island, Bahamas (Photo: Dave Currie)

 By Dave EwertCJ Contributor The Kirtland’s warbler, one of North America’s rarest songbirds, is very picky about where it calls home. It migrates a long distance to winter in The Bahamas every year after breeding each summer in young jack ... [ Read More ]

Above: Kingston, Jamaica

 Local and Global Trends By Marcia Forbes, PhDCJ Contributor As promised, here is another look at the proposed RJR/Gleaner merger. This announcement comes against the backdrop of a media landscape that is constantly evolving globally, regionally and locally. Media changes ... [ Read More ]


 Big challenges for small islands By George Nicholson and Anastasia RamjagOp-Ed Contributors The United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States defines small island developing states, or SIDS, ... [ Read More ]


  A new kind of independence? By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor ON August 6, 1962, Jamaica gained political independence, and many people watched the Jamaican flag raised while the Union Jack was lowered for the last time. This symbolised Jamaica’s new-found ... [ Read More ]