Jamaica’s Growth Agenda

 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor Jamaica’s government has placed growth at the front of its priorities. Since political independence, in 1962, we have only seen growth of any significance in the period 1962 to 1972, and then about three years in ... [ Read More ]


Getting the Facts Straight on Zika in Puerto Rico

 By Clarisa JimenezOp-Ed Contributor “Ground Zero?” “Pandemic?” “Hundreds of thousands of cases of Zika virus in Puerto Rico this year?” “Puerto Rico is not prepared!” None of the statements above reflect the situation on the ground in Puerto Rico.   So ... [ Read More ]


The Voice of Caribbean Cricket

 By David P. RoweCJ Contributor The news this week that Tony Cozier had died was shattering and tragic for many cricket fans internationally and fans of West Indian cricket especially. For those of us who were children and cricket fans ... [ Read More ]



 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor According to the World Economic Forum’s 2015-16 Global Competitiveness Report, crime and theft are the second most problematic factors to doing business in Jamaica, accounting for 16 per cent of the challenges. This is only outdone ... [ Read More ]


 By George NicholsonOp-Ed Contributor The regional airline industry has been characterised by a high degree of commercial difficulties. The last three decades has seen the Caribbean airspace littered with the remains of more than thirty carriers – some of these ... [ Read More ]


 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor The recent impasse between Jamaica and Trinidad, arising out of the latest round of Jamaicans being not only denied entry to Trinidad but being detained in less than acceptable circumstances, has once again raised the question ... [ Read More ]


 By Ingrid I. Rivera RocafortOp-Ed Contributor While we celebrate the ease and accessibility of global travel, it requires some common-sense precaution, no matter where in the world one goes. That’s the nature of enjoying new and different destinations. Education is ... [ Read More ]


 By George Nicholson and Nnyeka Prescod Op-Ed Contributors In the economic sphere an act, a habit, an institution or a law produces not only one effect, but a series of effects. Of these effects, the first alone is immediate; it ... [ Read More ]


 By Robert MacLellanOp-Ed Contributor LIAT Airlines has been a vital factor in the commercial and tourism life blood of the Caribbean for decades. However, the company has now had three CEO’s and two Acting CEO’s in the last seven years, evidence ... [ Read More ]


 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor Last year I had set a goal to ride 7,500 miles on the bicycle, which I achieved. Discussing it with another cyclist, I was asked if that was my ultimate objective and if I would be ... [ Read More ]


 By Kareem YardeCJ Contributor Firstly, congratulations to the CHAMPION teams- ‘WI’ under 19s, ‘WI’ women’s and ‘WI’ men’s. Like many West Indians, on Sunday, I too was glued to the television, gripped with suspense and anticipation as ‘WI’ secured our ... [ Read More ]


 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor As Jamaica pursues our eternal search for economic development, one focus has been on the need for us to purchase local goods and services in preference to imports. The reasoning behind this seems logical, as it should ... [ Read More ]


 By Marcia Forbes, PhDCJ Contributor #StayInLine As the day wore on almost into afternoon, complaints about tardy election workers and polling stations started to be heard across traditional media. CVMTV and Nationwide Radio, national free-to-air TV and radio, respectively, both ... [ Read More ]


 By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor Popularized by The Beach Boys during the early 90s, many have wondered whether ‘Kokomo’ is real or simply an imaginary place. Likewise, as the smaller economies of the Caribbean venture deeper into the 21st century and ... [ Read More ]


 By Ryan PetersonCJ Contributor No, we are not talking about climate change and the disruptive effects of increased temperatures, sea level rise, coastal erosion, ocean pollution and acidification, nor the loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, and the increased frequency of ... [ Read More ]


 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor In order to secure power (spillover from the colonial system), both political parties in Jamaica, when they formed government, set about creating institutional loyalties, using the state bodies and security forces to cement their hold on ... [ Read More ]


 By Marcia Forbes, PhDCJ Contributor Fresh-faced Senators so Far It’s been a whirlwind of activities in Jamaica over the past two weeks in particular. National Elections came and went and a new 43 year old Prime Minister with his new ... [ Read More ]

jamaica road

 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor The Jamaica Labour Party’s slogan, “Poverty to Prosperity”, was very catchy and seemed to have been embraced by enough people for them to win the elections. Now that the election is over, we certainly as a ... [ Read More ]