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Rum Journal: On Anguilla’s Scilly Cay, Rum Punch With a Side of Crayfish

 Above: Scilly Cay, Anguilla By Sarah Greaves-GabbadonCJ Travel Editor You have to look hard to find bargains on the pricey Caribbean paradise of Anguilla, but they do exist. Our favorite? The rum punch served up at Scilly Cay, an islet ... [ Read More ]


Six Tiny Islets in Guadeloupe

 SOMETIMES, small islands aren’t small enough, even in Guadeloupe, an island hopper’s dream come true with five major islands to check out. But the French Caribbean archipelago also has a number of tiny islets dotting the water, the perfect places ... [ Read More ]


The Best Caribbean Islands For Island Hopping

 You can have a wonderful time anywhere in the Caribbean. But for the more adventurous, why not try some good old-fashioned island hopping? Use one island as a base and try out one, two, three or more islands all within ... [ Read More ]



 Sure, arriving anywhere in the Caribbean is a romantic experience. The small airport, the palm trees, the ocean in close proximity … it’s always an adventure. But there are certain places in the Caribbean where the arrival is that much ... [ Read More ]


 WAS ISLAND HOPPING invented for Jost Van Dyke? You might think so. JVD is a place to celebrate – no matter what the occasion or the time of year.  And if you are lucky enough to be on Jost Van ... [ Read More ]


 Above: Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin at a meeting in Turks and Caicos By the Caribbean Journal staff While the development of Haiti’s tourism sector is very much in its early stages, there could be a way to jumpstart it ... [ Read More ]


 They’re the ABC islands — Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. This Dutch Caribbean enclave at the southern tip of the Caribbean is a beautiful mix of European, Caribbean and international tastes, styles and customs. It’s also home to some beautiful small ... [ Read More ]


 YOU’RE IN the bustling Caribbean metropolis of San Juan, but suddenly it strikes you: while you’re here, why not do a bit of island hopping? Being the major air hub for this part of the Caribbean, San Juan is an ... [ Read More ]


 Above: a Tropic Ocean Airways plane By the Caribbean Journal staff Island hopping in the Bahamas just got a bit easier. Fort Lauderdale-based Tropic Ocean Airways has announced the addition of a new eight-passenger Cessna 206 seaplane. The company offers ... [ Read More ]


 YOU’RE IN the Caribbean, naturally having a great time. But you want to turn an already exciting vacation into a full-fledged adventure with a few extra days on an island you’ve never explored. The solution? Some good, old-fashioned island hopping, ... [ Read More ]


 We all love island hopping. But when we think of it in the traditional sense, it tends to involve a small prop plane. Of course, island hopping is not limited to the skies. One of the most enjoyable ways to ... [ Read More ]


 Above: Dominica (CJ Photo) By the Caribbean Journal staff It’s a romantic notion of Caribbean travel — arrive in one destination, then travel to another two or three islands by sea or small plane. And the OECS regional subgrouping wants ... [ Read More ]