In Jacmel, Haiti, Making Schools Accessible For the Disabled

 Above: Gerald Oriol, Jr., Haiti’s Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (Photo: James English) By James EnglishCJ Contributor LATE LAST month, the Haitian government and USAID inaugurated Ecole Nationale Edèze Gousse and Lycée Célie Lamour, existing ... [ Read More ]


Six Great Art Galleries in Nassau

 The Bahamas is doing some fascinating things in the art world. It seems that there’s always a new gallery opening up — you can even find art exhibited in government buildings (through initiatives like the Public Treasury Art Programme). Indeed, ... [ Read More ]


Six Great Places to Eat in Santo Domingo

 Santo Domingo made our list of the top 10 cities for food in the Caribbean, and any visit to the Dominican Republic’s capital will make it abundantly clear why. Here’s a list of six terrific places to chow down in ... [ Read More ]



 People go to the Caribbean for all kinds of reasons — many of which we’ve written about. But there is another kind of traveler — the one who seeks adventure not just on the beach or in the water, but in ... [ Read More ]


 Above: Port of Spain, Trinidad Every Caribbean island has its share of great eateries. But if you’re visiting a Caribbean destination solely for food, you generally like to have a high concentration of restaurants all within a short radius. So ... [ Read More ]


 We like the beach, the culture, the food. But sometimes going to the Caribbean is really just an excuse to go shopping. And whether you’re stopping in port or on a long vacation, you’ll find everything you want to buy ... [ Read More ]