Jamaica Looks to Expand Community Tourism

 A new push for niche tourism sector By Dana NilandCJ Contributor Jamaica is allocating funding from the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) for the development of community tourism in North West Manchester. Member of Parliament for North West Manchester, Mikael Phillips, ... [ Read More ]

Above: the signing ceremony in Jamaica

China to Fund $511 Million Project at University of the West Indies

 UWI, China Harbour sign memorandum By Dana Niland CJ Contributor The University of the West Indies and China Harbour Engineering Company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a $511 million USD development project. The project will include the expansion ... [ Read More ]


Jamaica’s Growth Outlook Is Improving

 Positive signs for Jamaican economy By the Caribbean Journal staff Jamaica’s economy is showing some positive signs, according to the International Monetary Fund, which recently concluded a mission to the country. “A gradual economic recovery is underway.” said IMF Mission ... [ Read More ]


Jamaica has sights set on new markets

 JAPEX to focus on Caribbean, Latin America, Eastern Europe By Dana NilandCJ Contributor Jamaica’s looking to diversify its tourism source markets. The 25th annual Jamaica Product Exchange (JAPEX), set to take place Montego Bay Convention Centre from September 20-22, will ... [ Read More ]

Above: Marcus Garvey's former home is becoming a heritage site in Jamaica

 Marcus Garvey’s home to become a heritage site By Dana NilandCJ Contributor Jamaica’s Ministry of Youth and Culture has announced plans to refurbish and establish a heritage site at the house in which Marcus Garvey, the country’s first National Hero, ... [ Read More ]

Above: the new holistic bath house at Jamaica's Rockhouse (Photo: Michael Condran)

 Rockhouse launches “Holistic Bath House” By Dana NilandCJ Contributor In celebration of the 10th anniversary of its spa, Jamaica’s Rockhouse Hotel has opened a brand-new “Holistic Bath House” perched above the cliffs of Pristine Cove. The new structure features two ... [ Read More ]


  A new kind of independence? By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor ON August 6, 1962, Jamaica gained political independence, and many people watched the Jamaican flag raised while the Union Jack was lowered for the last time. This symbolised Jamaica’s new-found ... [ Read More ]

Alicia Keys recreates iconic photo from 1972.

 Alicia Keys recreates a classic shot By the Caribbean Journal staff It’s some of Jamaica’s best promotional work in a long time — and it’s all thanks to Alicia Keys. Over the weekend, the music superstar released a remake of Jamiaca’s iconic 1972 ... [ Read More ]


 By Sarah Greaves-GabbadonCJ Travel Editor For many Jamaicans, Sunday isn’t Sunday without ackee and saltfish. Traditionally enjoyed for breakfast or brunch, it’s an unlikely but flavorful combination of a savory-tasting fruit and dried salted cod that’s the island’s national dish. ... [ Read More ]


 A major arena goes green By Dana NilandCJ Contributor Jamaica’s National Indoor Sports Centre is going solar, as part of a $170,000 USD initiative by the country’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining. The venue will be outfitted with ... [ Read More ]


 Positive growth in afforestation By Dana NilandCJ Contributor Jamaica has recorded an afforestation rate of .41 percent, marking the first positive growth in forestation since it was first measured in 1998, according to Donna Lowe, Senior Director of Forest Signs ... [ Read More ]

half moon cover

 Searching for 007 at Half Moon, Jamaica By Alexander Britell MONTEGO BAY – This time there is a cigar, and there is rum.  The soft burn of a Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill and some Blackwell, a Jamaican rum with ... [ Read More ]


 By David P RoweOp-Ed Contributor During the recent Greek debt crisis, commentators have been referring to Jamaica as an example of another country with a huge debt burden. This is true — Jamaica’s gross public debt hovers higher than 120% ... [ Read More ]


 By Dana NilandCJ Contributor Australian-American actor Errol Flynn described the 1,000 acre San San Estate as “more beautiful than any woman [he’d] ever seen.” This is the setting of Cocosan, the newest addition to The Geejam Collection’s private villa development ... [ Read More ]


 The island goes green By the Caribbean Journal staff Jamaica is going green in a big way, according to Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell. Indeed, there are a number of green energy projects either underway or set to launch on the ... [ Read More ]


 By Dana NilandCJ Contributor MIAMI — HistoryMiami will soon be opening a new exhibition in Miami called “Awakening Jamaica,” which will feature photographs of the island from 1981 that sought to promote commercial enterprise and tourism to the island. The ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the Blue Mountains in Jamaica By Dana Niland The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has unanimously agreed to designate Jamaica’s Blue and John Crow Mountains as a World Heritage Site. The designation, which was made at the 39th session of ... [ Read More ]


 The latest Caribbean Photo comes from Caribbean Journal reader Rollie Haugen, who sent in this beautiful shot of Treasure Beach in Jamaica. Do yo have a great photo of the Caribbean? Send it to [email protected] with CPOTW in the subject ... [ Read More ]