Jamaica’s Growth Agenda

 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor Jamaica’s government has placed growth at the front of its priorities. Since political independence, in 1962, we have only seen growth of any significance in the period 1962 to 1972, and then about three years in ... [ Read More ]


Jamaica to Create Technology Innovation Fund

 Will Jamaica become Silicon Beach? That’s the plan by the country’s government, which is creating a new “Technology Innovation Fund.” According to Minister of Energy, Science and Technology, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, the plan is to make Jamaica the Caribbean’s leading ... [ Read More ]


What Are Jamaica’s Development Goals?

 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor Last year I had set a goal to ride 7,500 miles on the bicycle, which I achieved. Discussing it with another cyclist, I was asked if that was my ultimate objective and if I would be ... [ Read More ]



 It’s one of the most legendary restaurants in the Caribbean: the historic Sugar Mill at Jamaica’s Half Moon Resort. And now it’s back, after closing for a long-term renovation. “The Sugar Mill Restaurant is a well-known and favoured fine dining ... [ Read More ]


 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor As Jamaica pursues our eternal search for economic development, one focus has been on the need for us to purchase local goods and services in preference to imports. The reasoning behind this seems logical, as it should ... [ Read More ]


 By Sarah Greaves-GabbadonCJ Travel Editor There are many reasons to take your time and go slowly when you visit Grand Cayman – a frosty Mudslide at Rum Point and the warm sands of Seven-Mile Beach among them. And now there’s ... [ Read More ]

jamaica inn

 One of Jamaica’s top hotels has been busy making changes of late. The Ocho Rios-based Jamaica Inn has unveiled a series of upgrades and renovations to the property. They include renovations at the hotel’s Cottage 6, along with a new ... [ Read More ]


 By Marcia Forbes, PhDCJ Contributor #StayInLine As the day wore on almost into afternoon, complaints about tardy election workers and polling stations started to be heard across traditional media. CVMTV and Nationwide Radio, national free-to-air TV and radio, respectively, both ... [ Read More ]


 It’s “one step removed from sleeping under the stars.” That’s what Jamaican hotel Goldeneye says of its new “beach huts,” wooden beach bungalows right on the sand. The huts are the brainchild of Goldeneye founder Chris Blackwell, who had previously ... [ Read More ]


 By Marcia Forbes, PhDCJ Contributor Fresh-faced Senators so Far It’s been a whirlwind of activities in Jamaica over the past two weeks in particular. National Elections came and went and a new 43 year old Prime Minister with his new ... [ Read More ]


 It’s calm, it’s clear, it’s perfect. The waters of Montego Bay in Jamaica are simply lovely, particularly at the Half Moon resort, home to one of the nicest little stretches of beach on the whole islad. Here’s what it’s like:

jamaica road

 By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor The Jamaica Labour Party’s slogan, “Poverty to Prosperity”, was very catchy and seemed to have been embraced by enough people for them to win the elections. Now that the election is over, we certainly as a ... [ Read More ]


 Jamaica has a new Tourism Minister, but he’s no stranger to the role. Former Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett is returning as the country’s new Tourism Minister, having served as Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism from 2007 to 2011 in the previous ... [ Read More ]


 Heineken has officially taken over management of Jamaica’s Red Stripe Beer. The move will also mean the repatriation of Red Stripe production to Jamaica, with Desnoes and Geddes Ltd starting that process by the end of this year. Heineken acquired ... [ Read More ]


 Jamaica’s economy continues to struggle. The island recorded estimated GDP growth of 0.8 percent last year, according to the latest data from the Planning Institute of Jamaica. That was still an improvement over 2014, however, when the island’s economy grew ... [ Read More ]

jerk chicken recipe

 How do you make jerk chicken? There are few dishes in the Caribbean that really define an island, define a country like jerk chicken. With its peppery, tangy flavor, Jamaica’s often spiciest dish is a bit like the island itself: ... [ Read More ]


 Jamaica is quietly showing a very strong improvement in its real estate market, according to the newest report from Integra Realty Resources. Property transfers in Jamaica reached $665.5 million in 2015, which represented an increase of $9.3 percent, according to ... [ Read More ]


 “We are Jamaica’s problem” By Dennis ChungCJ Contributor I was sitting down to write this article on election day (February 25), after watching the lead-up to the election and the commentary from not only politicians but also us the citizens ... [ Read More ]