A Great Idea in Terre de Haut

 A great afternoon By Sarah Greaves-GabbadonCJ Travel Editor It seemed like a good idea at the time. Our ship, Windstar Cruises’ Windsurf, had dropped anchor just offshore from Terre De Haut, one of the islands in Guadeloupe’s archipelago. Passengers were ... [ Read More ]


VIDEO: Your Own Little French Caribbean Beach

 You may have heard of it: Terre de Haut, one of the tiny jewels of the French Caribbean, a little fishing village with its own island in the Guadeloupe archipelago. What you will find here, besides the Creole charm, the ... [ Read More ]


Rum Journal: Tasting a Guadeloupe Rhum From 1991

 Far on the eastern end of Guadeloupe’s butterflied island pair is Le Moule. It is a nondescript place of farms and palm trees, quiet and breezy. But it has a secret. In a lush hilltop next to an old mill ... [ Read More ]



 Yes, there’s one in Brazil. But there’s also a Sugarloaf in the Caribbean called Pain de Sucre, tucked in the heart of the French Caribbean. It takes a 15-minute rocky walk to get here, but when you arrive you find ... [ Read More ]


 THERE ARE more rhum distilleries per capita on the island of Marie Galante than anywhere else on earth. Three, to be exact, and each is among the best distilleries you’ve likely never heard of. It is the kind of place where ... [ Read More ]


 An airlift boost  By the Caribbean Journal staff Regional air carrier Winair has announced the launch of additional schedule service to Dominica and Guadeloupe, the company announced. The twice-weekly service, which will begin Oct. 3, will feature a flight originating ... [ Read More ]


 Above: an ocean-view room at Auberge de la Vieille Tour in Guadeloupe (all photos by CJ) It isn’t easy to do. To take a hotel more than a half century old, to keep it fresh while retaining a certain timeless ... [ Read More ]


 YOU MAY have seen the bottle. It’s iconic. The pale-yellow bottle of white rum labeled Rhum Bologne is found at rum bars around the world. Bologne is one of the heavyweights of Guadeloupe’s rhum agricole industry, and it’s in no ... [ Read More ]


 IT’S NO SECRET that here at Rum Journal we’re big fans of the rhum of the Guadeloupe Islands, which remains largely undiscovered in much of the English-speaking world. While their neighbours in Martinique receive much acclaim (and deservedly), these similarly ... [ Read More ]


 SOMETIMES, small islands aren’t small enough, even in Guadeloupe, an island hopper’s dream come true with five major islands to check out. But the French Caribbean archipelago also has a number of tiny islets dotting the water, the perfect places ... [ Read More ]


 Above: a map of the quake (graphic: United States Geological Survey) By the Caribbean Journal staff A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake caused shaking in Antigua and Barbuda and Guadeloupe on Friday morning, according to data from the United States Geological Survey. ... [ Read More ]


 FOR THOSE unfamiliar with the beauty of the rhums agricoles of the French Caribbean, the initiated typically describe them as “reminiscent of a fine cognac.” From a quality standpoint, that’s undoubtedly true; but as for the taste, well, it’s usually ... [ Read More ]


 We continue our discovery of this week’s Caribbean Carnivals with a look at the Carnival in the Guadeloupe Islands, which put a French Caribbean spin on the West Indian carnival. The five-island archipelago spends months preparing for the fete. (All ... [ Read More ]


 Above: Coat of Arms Co-Founder Laurent Gerville-Reache IT’S CALLED Coat of Arms, and the new Caribbean clothing brand seeks to redefine the notion of Caribbean regional identity. To learn more, CJ caught up with Guadeloupe native Laurent Gerville-Reache, co-founder of ... [ Read More ]


 Our latest edition of Meet the Caribbean heads to the island of Marie Galante in the Guadeloupe Islands archipelago, one of the rum and sugar production hubs of the Caribbean — and home to great food, white -sand beaches and intoxicating ... [ Read More ]


 Above: Martinique (CJ Photo) By the Caribbean Journal staff Guadeloupe, Martinique and St Maarten have all joined the Association of Caribbean States as associate members. The three Caribbean territories acceded to the ACS during the regional group’s Ministerial Council meeting ... [ Read More ]


 THE RHUMS of the French Caribbean department of Guadeloupe remain something of a mystery to the wider world, unfortunately so — as they are among the best in the world. While those of nearby Martinique receive their due praise, Guadeloupe’s ... [ Read More ]


 Above: the island of Terre de Haut in the Guadeloupe Islands (CJ Photo) By Alexander Britell The Guadeloupe Islands saw a significant jump in arrivals from the United States last year, with a 23 percent year-over-year increase, according to data ... [ Read More ]