Ruling Party Wins Aruba Election

September 28, 2013 | 11:41 am | Print

Above: PM Mike Eman celebrates victory

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Aruba Prime Minister Mike Eman’s ruling Aruban People’s Party claimed victory in the Dutch island’s elections on Friday.

The AVP won 13 seats in the Estates of Aruba, with the People’s Electoral Movement (MEP) finishing second with seven seats, according to preliminary results from Aruba’s government elections office.

In a statement on Facebook, Eman thanked Arubans for the “great confidence” they had shown in the party.

Of six parties contesting the election, only the Real Democratic Party also received a seat.

The AVP received a total of 33,213 votes, according to preliminary results.

The win means another four years for Eman and the AVP in power, following the party’s victory in the 2009 vote. When confirmed, the results would represent a one-seat improvement for the AVP for its results in 2009.


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